Choosing Your Tuxedo

As you consider which Ducoff tuxedo to select, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • The time of year.
  • The formality of the bride and bridesmaids.
  • The lapel style of the coat.
  • The time of the ceremony.
  • The cut of the coat.




Fashion Lapel
Full Collar
"The Traditional Approach"

There are respected traditions to follow in the selection of your men's formalwear. Your individual choices should be based on the time of your ceremony, the season, and the need for formality:

               "The Contemporary Trends"

The Contemporary Look allows tuxedos to be selected with modern interpretations of formal dress codes. The guidelines for this category are relaxed with freedom of choice:

Ultraformal Daytime (traditional)
This look uses the "morning suit" and is recommended for weddings before 4 p.m. The groom is dressed in a cutaway coat with striped trousers, a grey vest, and striped ascot or a 4-in-hand tie. Attendants and fathers are outfitted the same, or they may choose the matching stroller coat with possible variations in the tie and shirt.

Ultraformal Daytime (contemporary)
This features a traditional daytime look with a modern twist. The groom dresses in an updated cutaway with pleated, striped, or matching trousers. Ushers dress in matching stroller coats, which really sets the groom apart. Fathers have a choice of either style.

Formal Daytime (traditional)
With a ceremony before 4 p.m., the groom chooses a grey stroller with striped trousers, pearl vest, and 4-in-hand tie with a white laydown collar shirt. Ushers and fathers are dressed identically to the groom with a different boutonniere.

Formal Daytime (contemporary)
This is the most popular style for today's weddings. You set the style! The groom's choices include all types of formalwear in any color. Ushers can match the groom or utilize tail and tuxedo combinations. Colored accessories compliment the bridesmaids' dresses, while the fathers choose coordinating formalwear. Guests are welcome to wear black tuxedos with fashion accessories.

Ultraformal (traditional)
This look creates the most formal wedding you can plan. It is centered around a Black Full Dress Tailcoat with a white vest and tie for the groom and his wedding party (fathers included). At your option, the guests can be outfitted in a similar full dress look or a slightly less formal tuxedo. Gloves, top hats, and canes are often used. Consider outfitting drivers in tuxedos as well.

Ultraformal Evening (contemporary)
With this look, grooms can choose from a black, white, grey, or other colored tailcoat and matching accessories, or formal white. Ushers' style will be similar, with the most formal look sporting identical tailcoats. Vests and ties can be used to coordinate with bridesmaids' dresses. Fathers can be outfitted identically to ushers or in matching tuxedos. As an added plus, "Black Tie Invited" is recommended for guests.

Formal Evening (traditional)
The groom can choose from a black tuxedo year-round or a white dinner jacket in warmer weather. Both can utilize complimentary accessories. The men in the wedding party dress the same as the groom, perhaps with different accessories or a boutonniere. "Black Tie Invited" is recommended for the guests.

Formal Evening (contemporary)
When you want to express your personal preferences, this look is the proper choice. Grooms can choose from a tailcoat, tuxedo, dinner jacket, or any of the new high fashion coat styles. Any color is acceptable, with light colors popular in the summer.

New fashion shirts, vests, and shoes can help you choose your individual style. The wedding party can be dressed similarly to the groom, but if the groom chooses tails to stand out the ushers may wear similar color tuxedos. Fathers can choose coordinating tuxedos, and guests are invited to dress black tie.